Be honest. At what age did you start to notice the opposite sex?

12? 13?

And I’m guessing you didn’t burn in hell after noticing the differences.
For me, it was 6th grade. I could remember how the Catholic School uniforms on the girls form fitted over their developing womanhood.

It’s only natural. Boys notice girls (in some cases) at what would seem early on, but in reality isn’t early at all.

Take, for instance, the plight of this middle school football coach who upon asking his team where they wanted to hold an awards party, went ahead and planned it at a local Hooters; and for his trouble got bounced out of his job.

Wrong you say? Or was the school right in firing him, since the party was to include family members as well!

According to this:

An Oregon school football coach has been fired for planning an end-of-season bash for his young teen players at Hooters.

Randy Burbach, who coached 12- to 14-year-olds at Corbett Middle School, thought the "breastaurant" would be the perfect place to celebrate.

He booked out the Jantzen Beach branch — where scantily clad waitresses would serve players food and drink — for the glittering awards ceremony.

But when details of the event became known, he faced the wrath of parents who demanded he change the location.

When he refused — insisting the eatery is "not a strip club" — he was fired.

The school district's athletic director JP Soulagnet wrote to parents on Monday.
Slamming Burbach's poor judgment, he claimed he asked him to move the dinner "so families could attend and feel comfortable."

"But he was unyielding and emphatically said no," he added, meaning he could "no longer support the coach."

"It's not a restaurant I'd feel good about my wife or daughter working at. I think it sends the wrong message to our young men and that saddens and worries me the most," he added.
Burbach, however, defended his decision by telling KGW News that Hooters is "perfectly appropriate" for families.

He now plans to press ahead with the event, without the district's backing, saying restaurant bosses are even footing the bill.

"I believe this is a fine venue," he told "It's not a strip club. If you have a dirty mind, you'll find dirt."

He’s right about one thing – it’s not a strip club – it’s a sports bar/restaurant not too unlike an Applebees – only featuring waitresses wearing less clothing.

And ordinarily, I wouldn’t have a problem bringing my family there. However everyone doesn’t see the world as I do. And if he were taking the kids there himself, again, I don’t think that would pose a problem. But that’s me.

However, I recall another outing featuring a coach who took his team to lunch at a local Hooters because there wasn't anywhere else to eat. Parents still had a fit!

If he’s trying to make the statement that, as Americans we’re skittish about the female form, he’s right on that count. We are, and tend to see sex in a different light than a good part of the rest of the world.

Bottom line is that he works, albeit as a volunteer, for them and not the other way around. Being a “capa tuosto” gets him nowhere – and in this case, while he still insists on having the dinner there, he’s no longer coach!

“capa tuosto”: Trans: hard head, intransigent