Delran New Jersey's own Carli Lloyd is breaking records in the FIFA Women's World Cup Games. Yesterday in Le Harve, France she helped lead the US Women's team to a 2-0 win and nearly scored yet another goal near the end of play.

She is probably one of the best athletes to come out of New Jersey since Shaquille O'Neal, and she doesn't get nearly the recognition she deserves. She's a fierce competitor but humble and nice. I guess you don't make too many headlines that way.

She'll be turning 37 next month and to compete at this level against much younger women is more than noteworthy. To be scoring goals and setting records this many years after her college career at Rutgers (2001-2004), the three-time Olympian should make every New Jersey resident proud, especially female athletes.

She was married to Brian Hollins in 2016 and still lives in Burlington County, not far from where she grew up. Of all the bad news in the media every day, to be able to sit and watch one of our own doing great things on a world stage is comforting and refreshing.

I'm not the biggest soccer fan in the world, but give me a reason to root for a team and I'm in. Carli Lloyd is more than a good reason to watch and cheer and be proud. Go Carli!

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