Democrats in New Jersey are still trying to find out if access lane in Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge were closed in September as political payback to the town’s mayor for not endorsing Gov. Chris Christie’s reelection bid. The Assembly Transportation Committee subpoenaed three high-level Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officials compelling them to testify today.

George Washington Bridge (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

The director of the Authority’s Bridges, Tunnels and Terminals Department, Cedrick Fulton told the panel that the situation surrounding the closures was “odd.” He said he was advised of the closures just three days prior.

“Is that unprecedented?” asked Assembly Transportation Committee chairman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex).

“I’ve never participated in a process like that before,” answered Fulton.

“I am not schooled in the culture of the Port Authority so you’ll excuse this question; did this seem wrong?” asked Wisniewski.

“Yes, it did,” replied Fulton.

Authority General Manager Robert Durando said he'd never been ordered to conduct unannounced lane closures in his 35-year career.

Both Fulton and Durando claimed agency executive David Wildstein ordered the closures. Wildstein resigned Friday.

The governor has consistently denied that the closures were political retribution.