You can always tell when football season is upon us, the temperature has a bit of a nip, the leaves start to turn and someone objects to a team mascot in the name of racism. The latest story like comes out of Scotch Plains Fanwood High School where a student who's not part of the team or fan base known as "Raider Nation" wants the team to keep its name but remove all ties to the Native American culture.

Mathew, a sophomore who started a petition and is not part of Raider Nation "Why would I want to be racist" called into New Jersey 101.5 and explained "I support keeping the name but remove the ties to indigenous people." Mathew, whose petition has been signed by over 200 people says he's started it with three other people. He's also gotten a lot of negative feedback in fact in the two hours that we talked about it we didn't get one call of support. Among those against removing the Native American ties were many current and former players as well as comedian Mike Marino, who graduated from Scotch Plains -Fanwood High School in 1981 and called from Alaska where he was performing on a comedy cruise and got a text from a friend."

"I'll turn the ship around and head to New Jersey right now. When is it gonna stop? When I was in High school and that horse came riding up on the high school football field and everyone was cheering, how would you do away with that tradition? What's next change the name of Notre Dame?"

One listener who's not in favor sent me this e-mail which explains totally my point of view.

Those that want to change a school's mascot is a person of hate and racism.  They just want to hurt everybody they can by trying to change things that should never be changed.  All of us of Indian descent are proud to see Indian Images and names used as it reminds people about the true heritage of this country.  People need to realize it's a Great Honor to be a mascot. These people need to listen and truly listen to John Lennon's Imagine.  Maybe they will learn something.

But if inoffensive names are what we want, here are a few that we came up with.

  • Snowflakes
  • Dandelions
  • Wieners
  • Pansies
  • Peach cobblers
  • Toxic Avengers
  • Pussy willows
  • Pizans or the Goodfellas
  • The History Erasers
  • The Statue Removers

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