Here’s some deep trivia for you.

The original McDonald’s marquee wasn’t the double arches you know today. There was a single golden arch. And it was built on the ground, like the St. Louis arch, not on a pole like the double arches. And there are so few of the originals left today they only number in the single digits out of 37,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the world. And one of them is in New Jersey.

If you just want a quarter pounder with cheese, you probably don’t care. But if you’re like Debra Jane Seltzer, who has a website called and his traveled the country documenting vintage signs it is a very big deal.

Interviewed in a past article for the news site highlighted again this weekend, she said at the time the only New Jersey location that has the old single arch is in Magnolia and that it was one of only seven in the world.

Rolando Pujol is a big fan as well. He’s written about this sign on the White Horse Pike in Magnolia on his Instagram.

Here’s another fun fact I learned. Ronald McDonald was not the original mascot. Apparently a chef named Speedee (as in speedy fast food) was on some of the old signs.

How retro!

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