The law in New Jersey says that you can't obstruct your license plate. AT ALL. Assemblyman Ron Dancer wants to change that. Turns out that approximately 120,000 people received a ticket under the current law last year. Dancer claims that this is really just common sense. The law intended to prevent obstruction for police officers trying to read a car's plate should be narrowed to the license number itself and exclude other parts of the plate. This would allow you to have a frame around your plate without fear of a ticket.

Here's the problem. How many of those 120,000 tickets were issued by officers who initially pulled the car over for a much more expensive violation that may have involved points? We want our police officers to have the discretion to issue a lower cost ticket for courteous drivers who comply with all lawful instructions.

Haven't we been hearing for weeks on end about the movement to teach young people how to act during a traffic stop? Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket because they issued a summons on a lesser, registration, plate obstruction?

How about this...leave the law alone and focus on a few real problems in Jersey. How about NJ Transit, taxes, infrastructure and affordability?

Who speaks for New Jersey?

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