Since New York state is thinking about changing the shape of Tide Pods to discourage kids from doing stupid things with them (like eating them), I figured New Jersey is next to hop on this bandwagon. After all, New Jersey never met a stupid law it didn’t love.

These laws that are designed to protect ourselves from ourselves just plain silly. If a person wants to be dumb enough to do something that has the potential to harm or kill him for the sake of a meme, should we really try to save him?

Allow me to illustrate: Dish soap that you keep at the side of your sink-you know, the Dawn, the Palmolive, etc. -is usually a vibrant orange, rich green, or perhaps a beautiful deep blue.

I have never been tempted to drink the dish liquid. However, for some people the color might look so enticing that they might consider this. Should we mandate that all dish soap be non-colored so as not to encourage a-holes to misuse the product?

Do you see where I’m heading with this? It would never end. So let’s let common sense prevail once again and allow people to learn from their own mistakes in life.

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