When you leave the United States, things don't seem to make sense sometimes. Maybe it's a different culture or atmosphere. Things are just different.

About 10 years ago I took two of my kids and one of their friends to Sicily to visit a friend and his family. My daughter and her friend were 15 and wanted to visit this island off of Sicily called Favignana. You can drive a scooter there and they didn't care if you were 15 years old or 15 inches tall. The rules are a little looser there.

Unfortunately, we missed the ferry and were relegated to renting kayaks near the small deserted island of Mozia. The deal was that when you returned with your kayak the guy who ran the place made you a sandwich and gave you a glass of wine or a coke.

Well, my kids were hungry before we went, so like spoiled Americans, we asked for the sandwich before the kayak adventure. The guy was so grateful you spent any money with him and returned his property without destroying or running off with it, that he gave you lunch.

We convinced him to do so before the ride, and it was one of the best sandwiches I've eaten in my life. Sure it was probably the salt air, the ambiance the fresh organic Sicilian ingredients, but I'm gonna try and replicate it for you here.

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