As we approach the holidays, many friends and family will be coming in from out of state and wondering what we're talking about when we use certain phrases.

I, along with my Facebook friends, have come up with explanations for the slang we know as "Jerseyspeak" or simply New Jersey. Or course, not everyone who uses slang understands what it actually is that they are saying so let me clarify.

I would suggest sharing this post with your out-of-state friends who plan to visit. Hopefully, this will help save them some embarrassment either at the table or in a crowd.

Teddy Maturo:
"Hey - how ya doin? (Said when you really could care less about how someone’s doing - just another way to say hi)."

Justin Morris:

Trev: Forget about it. Put it out of your mind.

Francie Trout:

Trev: Someone who takes day trips to the Jersey Shore. The phrase started when people would bring their lunch in a showbox.

It's also a restaurant in Sea Isle City.


Walsh Jackie:
"Not for nuthin."

From the Urban Dictionary,

"Is used to soften the blow of something that would normally be offensive or come on too strong."


"For example, if you want to try out for a musical but you can't sing to save your life, your friend might tell you, 'hey, not for nothing, but you suck at singing and you're not gonna get that part.' Things of that nature."

Andrew Satkowski:
"Jeetyet? (Did you eat yet?)"

Melanie Wendt:

Trev: Actually there are two versions of what LIT means one is cool or awesome.
The other is to be mildly intoxicated.

Melanie Wendt:
"God, no."

Trev: It's one thing to say no but putting God in front of no means you really mean it.

Ric Obi Tas:

Trev: Plural of you.

Jason Garby:
"Youse guys."

Trev: Not everyone realizes that you don't need to pluralize both words.

Tiago Miguel Graca:

Trev: "What's Up?" Sometimes followed by a Bud Light.

Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey:
"Gawheat. Go eat!"

Geryl Raucher Hickey:

Trev: How people who live at the Jersey Shore year round describe those who come to visit in the summer usually obnoxious and entitled.

Budda Von:
"You got me Vexed."

Gino Formaroli:
"'Bennishoobieitus' a strange virus that affects local residents if the Jersey Shore, the virus seems to recur annually, mostly between the months of May thru September, symptoms include, anxiety, heightened blood pressure, and general aggravation, these symptoms seem to spike on Friday afternoon and lessen on Sunday evenings. Symptoms seem to be triggered by hearing a north Jersey or New York accent, seeing too much gold around a man's neck, or too much make up in a woman, big hair, and designer handbags among other guady and frivolous items. No one can say for sure what causes the virus, scientists have been looking for a cure for years."

Donna Simone:
"Just saying."

Trev: When you're not trying to get one in yet you're getting one in.

Jane Stillitano Mondello:
"My man!!!"

Trev: Warm friendly greeting usually followed by a bro hug.

Bob O'Brien Leszczak:
"Dollars to donuts this will never make the list."

Trev: It's been a long time since donuts were only a dollar in New Jersey

Eric Johnson:

Trev: You look Marvelous!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Steve Trevelise. Any opinions expressed are Steve's own. Steve Trevelise is on New Jersey 101.5 Monday-Thursday from 7-11 p.m.. Follow him on Twitter @realstevetrev.

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