A ruptured water main was to blame for gushing water in the Lincoln Tunnel on Tuesday, which was captured on video that went viral.

"Well that's concerning," commuter Anthony Consiglio says in a video he took while creeping along in traffic.

"I'm inside the Lincoln Tunnel, which is under water. Pretty sure there's a movie about this. Everybody dies," Consiglio says as the video ends.

Port Authority spokeswoman Amanda Kwan told New Jersey 101.5 the situation was not as dire.

"There was a rupture in a water main in a facility room in the Center Tube on Tuesday night. It was fixed and the water was pumped out as designed," Kwan said.

The incident was reported as "emergency maintenance" by the Port Authority on the tunnel's Twitter account.

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The movie about a tunnel taking on water was "Daylight," a 1996 film starring Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone's character is approaching the Holland Tunnel when a car full of bank robbers fleeing police crashes into a truck hauling toxic waste, causing an explosion that  damages the tunnel. Not everybody dies: Stallone leads many of those trapped to safety as water flows into the middle of the tunnel and threatens to collapse it.

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