UPDATE, MONDAY, MARCH 25: Legislators have pulled a bill to legalize recreational marijuana after failing to securer enough support in the state Senate

The vote is today.

Will New Jersey join other states in legalizing recreational marijuana? Or will the politicians finally stand up to the propaganda from Senate President Steve Sweeney and Governor Murphy?

Sweeney wants people to believe that the vote on legal pot is all about social justice and expanding medical marijuana. Of course, if that was the case, why did he insist on keeping all the bills together and lumping in a huge regressive tax? We've seen this play out very badly in California where the black market is thriving because of the tax burden. Even Governor Murphy said that if the bill fails he'll dramatically increase the availability of medical pot.

So why wait? Why not do that and put two separate bills forward, one for expungement and another for the tax? That would have had the support of Senators like Ron Rice who has serious reservations about legal weed, but certainly wants justice for so many that have struggled with minor convictions. The reason? The sneaky elitist pols like Murphy and Sweeney want to hide the tax behind things the public supports.

Don't let 'em get away with it. Use the hashtag #NoPotTax and call Sweeney's office (854) 251-9801. Tell him we've had enough. #NotOneMoreDollar

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