We're all upset at the lack of accountability, transparency, and competence when it comes to New Jersey Transit. If you're a regular commuter, I'm sure that you're upset that there won't be any refunds for your troubles over then past few months.

That said, the protest pushed by a handful of people on social media, #NoPayMay encouraging people to try to use their expired April monthly pass instead of a new one in May is counterproductive and will only hurt your fellow commuters.

First of all, whether you feel wronged or not, you don't have a right to steal services. NJ Transit problems won't be fixed by a protest. New projects start out at a financial loss and the organization operates at a deficit taking in ONE dollar for every TWO they spend.

The blame can't be cast on the hard working engineers, conductors, ticket agents and others doing their best under terrible political management. The blame is squarely on the political connected elite insiders that have been operating with a pass under Gov. Christie who is quick to blame everyone but his own administration. Want to fix NJ Transit? Hire a new Governor. Fire some top execs. Build a new tunnel. Open up some old rail lines. Offer tax breaks for private ferry services. And I'm just getting started...more to come.

But for now? Pay your fare.

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