Whether you speak Spanish or not, you must have heard Rickie Ricardo's call of Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey hitting both the upright and crossbar giving the Eagles a 16-15 win over "Da Bears." Ricardo is an old friend and colleague who grew up in Union City like myself, and he broke down the call on my show.

The idea actually came from hearing New York Giants announcer Bob Papa's field goal calls ending with "True Blue."

"For someone that’s learning the game and learning it on the radio, I try to make it very, very simple,” So I said how can I do something simple that the Spanish listener doesn’t have to decipher in their head, somebody bilingual understands, someone who has no clue what I’m talking about understands in a very simple way,” he recalled. “And I came up with the very basic ‘si, señor,’ ‘no, señor.’”

Ricardo's call harkens back to the "¡Si, Señor!' game when Eagles kicker Jake Elliot made a 61 yard field goal to beat the Giants which catapulted the Birds to the Super Bowl and the Giants to 3-13.

"[In reference to that gave] Which by the way, was the birth of the '¡Si Señor!' movement. If you remember, my call of the 61 yarder was the '¡si señor!' movement, which evolved obviously into the missed field goal of the '¡no señor!' movement...so we've come full circle Trev."

Where does Ricardo think Eagles Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles ends up next year?

"Nick Foles will end up in one of the three Florida markets... I could point west to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he may go there. I can point northeast to Tom Coughlin, the great Tom Coughlin by the way now that he's back with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Or down south to the Miami Dolphins, I honestly think all three of these teams are going to refresh their quarterback situations, they've got money to spend under the cap I think holes ends up here in the Sunshine State."

No matter where the Eagles end up after Sunday's game the one thing that we know is certain is that Rickie Ricardo will be breaking it down in Español, "¡Si Señor!"

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