The governor, in his latest disaster that has made life in the Garden State worse, is actually blaming you. That’s right, the crisis actor Phil Murphy, who continues to use selective numbers in order to push the false narrative of a dangerous "spike" of COVID-19 around the nation, is at it again.

Instead of focusing on the very real facts about the percentage of positive tests declining out of the nearly 700,000 tests being conducted daily around the US and focusing on the death rate and numbers dropping precipitously, he’s pointing to numbers related to "positive" cases.  Of course we know that these numbers are not only not reliable, but some states are actually counting antibody tests in the totals. And as we know, the antibody tests are estimated to be 50% inaccurate. And of course you can test positive for the antibodies if you’ve have … wait for it … a common cold.

The bottom line is that the governor is perpetuating the crisis when clearly the crisis has passed. That doesn’t mean that coronavirus is gone nor will it ever be. It’s here to stay and most people will get it in some form. The good news is that 99% of you will be completely fine and may not even know you had it. Beyond that, the evidence is clear that asymptomatic people “rarely” pass the virus onto others.

Despite all of this, the governor keeps the state in a virtual lockdown. Unless of course you want to protest the police, then by all means, gather by the thousands. Big box stores have been deemed “essential” and have been open for business for months. Why can you stand online at the grocery store “safely” and not get your required government documentation to drive? And it’s not just kids getting their license for the first time. Many people on line are truck drivers and equipment operators looking to renew their CDLs. The very idea that so-called “safety” protocols are dependent on the type of business you’re in and the political reasons for your gathering are absurd on the surface. The idea that the governor blames honest, hard-working citizens for being “knuckleheads” and threatens to shut NJ down again, all while giving preferred business and protesters a pass is hypocrisy at best, many call his actions criminal and tyrannical.

Let’s settle on gross incompetence and incredible arrogance with regard to what’s happening at the Motor Vehicle Commission offices. How was there no plan for reopening? How is it possible that the governor doesn’t understand that most people on line have to go to the office in person and CANNOT get the official business done online at home? How does the governor not take responsibility for having zero plan before, during and now after the health crisis? Question is that as painful and dangerous as this administration has been and continues to be, will Murphy still get rewarded with a second term?

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