How to lose about forty years in an instant? Be driving in your town in Hunterdon County and suddenly see a replica Batmobile across the intersection.

This happened this weekend and I swear I instantly felt like a little kid. My son and I both grabbed our phones to take pictures. We didn’t get great ones because we were in motion (and yes I know I shouldn’t have been doing this driving but dude, it’s Batman!).

So here’s my it-is-what-it-is photo.

Jeff Deminski photo
Jeff Deminski photo

I laughed and said to my son that I bet this is all this guy sees whenever he takes that ride out and turns turbines to speed; people everywhere diving for their phones to capture the moment.

Business Insider did a ranking of the Top 10 most famous movie cars and the Batmobile came in at number 1. Not everything was high-end or fast on their list. The Ghostbusters ambulance even made the cut. See their list here.

I shared this story on the show in the 2 o’clock hour Monday and soon people were calling in with the iconic movie and tv cars they loved the most. Which one would you want? Here were some answers.


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