There's a primary election coming up on Tuesday June 6th in New Jersey.  Haven't heard?  Well join the club, most New Jerseyans seem quite oblivious to the fact that there's an election around the corner.

I've had a few requests for some candidate profiles and voter education as we lead into Tuesday.  Truth is I don't like Public Service Announcements. You're gonna vote or not, it's up to you.  And I don't think you should be guilted into voting.  Every election season we hear the cries from some in the media about how many patriots died for your right to vote.  that may be true.  But if you're voting without knowledge of candidates or issues, honestly your'e wasting your time.  And not helping anyone.

I've talked about a few key issues on the air over the past few months.  Singled out some candidates who don't deserve a vote because of their support of the gas tax.  I've also called out candidates for Governor who are competing on both side so of the aisle to weigh in on the state house renovation.  There are a couple on the Democratic side in particular who have stepped up to earn a second look, even if you expect the contest is already decided.

So vote, don't vote, whatever you decide, the real contest will come down to November, when one of two major party candidates will become the next Governor.  What kid of state do you want?  Will the next Governor actually do something to change the crisis of affordability?  Will the next Governor be a leader with the courage to handle the union bosses?  We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm #DigginIn and will continue to advocate on behalf of the hard working, struggling middle and working class families in the Garden State.  We can make New Jersey affordable and prosperous again.  See you Tuesday when I'm back on the air.

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