NEWARK — A call for a "child in distress" Tuesday morning at Newark Penn Station turned into a race against the clock as NJ Transit police officers rushed an infant to a hospital minutes after she was born in a restroom.

A video of the incident edited from the body cams worn by officers Bryan Richards and Alberto Nunes shows them arriving in the restroom where two other officers were already with the mother holding the child wrapped in cloth.

Richards takes the child who is not breathing and carries the baby to a sink where he gently but unsuccessfully tries to revive her. NJ Transit police said the child was turning gray.

Instead of waiting for an EMS crew, Richards decides to take the child to University Hospital 2 miles away. Richards continues to apply chest compression as Nunes navigates through traffic. A quiet cry can be heard as the child begins to breathe.

"Good girl. Good girl. Good girl," Richards said to the baby as they arrive.

NJ Transit police say the child is "doing well."

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