In Howell, New Jersey, a Private Membership Association called Sprouts is under fire from the town government.

According to the government, the group is violating the local "land use" laws. What they are doing is gathering as families with their kids to teach the kids about agriculture, farming, animal care, and other nature-related subjects.

The farm has chickens, pigs, and goats to teach the kids in real-time with live animals.

Now they have to prepare for a legal battle as the town is trying to shut them down through the courts.

Dana Wefer, a champion of civil liberty and protecting individuals' rights, is representing the group. She joined me on air to discuss this latest assault on private education, seems that there is a growing trend of government intrusion in our lives.

Is the government trying to protect the NJEA and the public school system? We have already seen government bureaucrats in desperation calling out concerned parents as "domestic terrorists".

Parents' rights arguably made the difference in Glenn Youngkin's victory in Virginia. The Republican loss in New Jersey is in part because the nominee failed to energize parents or even address effectively the concerns of so many moms and dads.

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