Olivia Reyes.

Remember the name.

She is a 19 year old from Teaneck, New Jersey who crushed it on The Voice this week. Olivia took on Harry Styles' song 'Falling' and it took only 30 seconds into her performance before superstar and coach John Legend slammed that button down. Next was Gwen Stefani. The show has celebrity judges who end up coaching their own teams of contestants. In the end they were both so impressed by this young talent from Jersey that they fought over her.

Reyes was torn as she has been a huge fan of both. In the end she chose to be coached by John Legend and joined his crew. Check out her amazing performance.

Olivia always dreamed of this. Her audition was put off because of the coronavirus pandemic but it didn't dampen her drive. She used the extra months to hone her tryout skills and she obviously nailed it.

This Jersey girl went to Teaneck High School and before that to Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township. In high school she participated in musicals but ironically was always either singing in the background or working backstage. They apparently had no idea what they had right in front of them. She did however perform at her graduation and also at a women's empowerment assembly, and she won a local singing competition. She rarely had any formal training and mostly was a kid singing in the shower until these things started happening.

Now at 19 she's poised for potential stardom. With a voice like that and John Legend as a mentor, I see big things for her. Will she end up being another famous name that grew up in New Jersey? Already has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Olivia Reyes.

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