The national pastime may be baseball but the state pastime is pointing out the many failings and flaws of Gov. Phil Murphy. I’ll take a front-row seat behind home plate for both.

New Jersey subreddit user u/Flashinglights0101 started quite a conversation with these words Tuesday:

"Governor Murphy will wake up today and read this thread. What do you ask or want to tell him?"

Oh boy. Buckle up.

There were hundreds of responses. Sharing just a few:

"Is NJ changing (its) motto from "The Garden State" to "The Warehouse State"?"


"Why is our DMV so slow compared to other states?"

Michael Symons
Michael Symons

"Please figure out a way to lower taxes. I love this state and this needs to be priority number 1."

While I agree 100%, lots of luck. Do I need to remind everyone of Murphy's own words when he said, "If tax rate is your issue, either a family or a business, we're probably not your state."

Hey Phil? This IS my issue and this IS my state, born and raised. Where were you born and raised, Phil? Yeah, thought so.

More from Reddit:

"Fix our property taxes."

We have the highest and scariest property taxes in the nation. The average now stands at $9,112. Thats $759 a month just in taxes. (Imagine blood curdling scream here)

"Judges. We need judges. We are dying without enough judges. And it's going to get so much worse."

Indeed in Hunterdon County, all divorce trials have been placed on hold due to a lack of judges with no clear end in sight.

"Did you go to Ukraine because you're running for president?"

"Pay teachers more!"

"Why are you crippling our judiciary by neglecting to nominate judges?"


"The rent is too damn high!"

"How's that 'look at me! I'm presidential' tour going?"

"Stop raising toll prices. And don't waste your time running for president."

"I'm a knucklehead who just wants homegrow for cannabis."

green marijuana in hand
mycola, Getty Stock / ThinkStock

You can read all of these by going here.

I'll just leave you with one last one which kind of sums it all up.

"Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great."

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