FLEMINGTON — Something else for you to worry about: a video showing bestiality being shared among New Jersey students.

A letter from Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns sent to parents said a video has been widely distributed within the county and across in the state. He wasn't specific in the letter about the video's contents.

Kearns told New Jersey 101.5 law enforcement officials don’t know where the video originated. He said while he has not discussed the distribution of the video with other prosecutors, he's been told the video is also being passed around by students in other locations as well.

“There were rumors that it was involving a student from a certain high school and we wanted to alleviate that rumor to say that we do not believe it’s anyone from Hunterdon County," Kearns said.

Such a video would be considered child pornography if it includes a minor. In that case, someone found in possession of such a video could face a 5-10 year prison term.

Kearns said that if your child has received the video it should immediately be deleted.

The prosecutor said if kids have this video they should delete it and in the future “if a video comes to them they should notify their parents and then they should notify the police.”

He’s recommending parents sit down with their kids and tell them “there’s nothing funny about this video, there’s nothing worth sharing with others this video or forwarding it. In fact the subject of the video is a victim.”

He said parents should point out to their children “this is a horrible depiction of something going on, they should be careful not to forward that or continue its viewing or giving it prominence.”

Kearns also said the video presents an opportunity for parents to discuss internet safety and the hazards of social media.

New Jersey passed a law making bestiality illegal in 2015.

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