Kids are finding it more and more difficult to afford the high cost of college and with tuitions rising across the US, students have had to look for unique ways to support their college experience. They’ve found one. They’re seeking a unique arrangement on

It’s a website that allows you to find a sugar daddy or sugar mommy to be your “patron" or "sponsor." Who knows if all the “traditional” aspects of being a sugarbaby are involved in these arrangements. And what is expected of the sugar babies in return. But in a section of the seeking arrangement website, called “sugar baby university” it gives this statistic: “more than 4.2 million students worldwide are on SeekingArrangement to find Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies.”

The website also proudly boasts:


Over four million students worldwide are registered on SeekingArrangement. A Sugar Baby in a successful arrangement can expect to receive monthly allowances, professional and social opportunities, and gifts from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy. “

Again, no one knows if the traditional sugar daddy and sugar mommy expectations are involved in these relationships. But the site doesn't mince words. Amidst shots of sultry coeds, Here’s how they explain the “arrangements.”


And hello to higher class education. Traditional ways of getting financial aid to attend college or university can be a nightmare. SeekingArrangement offers students the chance to find open and empowering relationships while also getting help to pay for school and other benefits. Join today for an elevated college or university experience.”

So the idea is gaining popularity and New Jersey students are taking advantage of it in droves. On a list of the fastest growing “sugar baby colleges” for 2018, Rutgers is ranked 6th in the country for the most students registered in 2018 With 225 new sign ups and 684 students total participating in these “relationships”.

You can see the rest of the stats here. The number one occupation of sugar babies who participate is listed as “student.” The number one occupation of sugar daddies? “Tech entrepreneur.”

So if you’re looking for a new idea to finance your education, this may be the best thing since guaranteed student loans.

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