In his continuing effort to ignore and violate the Second Amendment, Governor Murphy is ignoring his citizens the right to protect themselves during the COVID-19 shutdown. Gun shops are not on the list of businesses allowed to operate, denying peoples' right to protect themselves, but they can buy all the liquor they want and pot dispensaries remain open.

In uncertain times like these, people feel frightened and vulnerable and many look to buy firearms to make sure their home and families are protected.

It doesn't matter to Murphy or his attorney general, both of whom are anti-Second Amendment zealots. They'd rather deny a citizen's right to legally defend themselves in their effort to get guns off the streets. Legally purchased firearms are not the problem, but legal gun owners always seem to be the easy target in their gun control mission.

Illegal guns are the real problem with gun violence and crime but they always go after the easy target, legal gun ownership. Are they really that stupid or it just doesn't matter to them in their quest to all but nullify the Second Amendment in New Jersey?

Gun shop owners and gun rights activists are suing the Murphy administration to get him to add gun shops to the list of businesses allowed to operate during this state of emergency. Other Democrat governors in states like Pennsylvania and Illinois have allowed gun shops to continue to operate during their states' shutdowns. When asked at a briefing on Wednesday, Murphy said he got not one phone call asking him to open the stores, but his staff told New Jersey 101.5 they got more than 500 calls and emails on the issue.

So clearly he's willing to lie about the issue, because his true feeling is that nobody but law enforcement should have guns. Tell that to the tens of thousands of people who have stopped crimes and defended themselves when law enforcement wasn't around. They can't be everywhere all the time, obviously and people want the security that having a firearm can give them. But the media doesn't like reporting it because it doesn't fit the media or progressive narrative.

Murphy and political elites like him enjoy the protection of armed guards wherever they go, but for us common folk, we're on our own. He doesn't care as long as he has the power to push his anti-freedom agenda, he will every chance he gets. This state of emergency will soon be over, but Murphy's assault on your Second Amendment rights will continue for a long time to come.

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