In another clear case of humans vs animals, the animal wackos are at it again. A Lake Hopatcong shelter, one step closer, is begging police to relocate a planned shooting range because some of the rescue dogs they house have been abused and are skittish about loud noises.

OSCAR houses and finds homes for 20 to 30 dogs per week. The proposed shooting range would be less than a half-mile away. Lake Hopatcong police say they have to do extra training at this facility to make sure their officers and the people they serve are safe, particularly in light of recent school shootings. The argument from the shelter is that some animals are so anxious about loud noises that they will cower in a corner when they hear them.

I suppose this is unfortunate, and I could almost understand this argument if we were talking about daycare for human children. But animals are different. (And if you don’t understand that, you should probably stop reading now). And a policeman practicing shooting to potentially save human lives has to take precedence over an animal’s possible fears.

I’m not saying that the shelter doesn’t have a right to ask and to plead its case to the police and then let them (and the town) decide. But what I am saying is that in the case of a stalemate, precedence has to be given to human safety. Many times in many towns across NJ, citizens of a town protest a building plan because the increased traffic, noise and congestion will negatively impact its (human) residents. And many if not most times, those citizens lose the battle and have to deal with it. If We can’t get a town to change its building plans to accommodate humans, why would animals be more important?

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