As part of our new "Salute to Seniors" feature, we here at NJ 101.5 along with our Sponsorship Partner, American Senior Magazine, asked listeners to nominate a very special senior who is giving back to the New Jersey "community" at large. We received a lot of very moving stories about amazing seniors in New Jersey, but when I read the submission by Kathleen Fitzpatrick nominating her friend, Harold Irwin, it really made me smile.

When you have both your elderly parents around you all the time as I do, you can sometimes take the pleasure of spending time with them for granted. But every once in a while you read a story about someone like Harold and it makes you realize how lucky you are.

My parents are still madly in love after 64 years together, so I can't imagine how Harold felt when he lost his beloved wife Dolly after more than 58 years. But instead of sinking into sadness, he took the power of his love for her and channeled it into something positive for the community by volunteering at Grace Healthcare Services — the very Hospice that tended to and cared for his wife during her last days.

According to Kathleen, the patients have come to know and love him, looking forward to his visits, his stories and his company. He also has a very special place in his heart for those patients who are veterans and gives freely of his time to all of them.

Here's to you, Mr. Irwin, and the lucky people who are blessed by your presence and devotion to them. NJ 101.5 and American Senior Magazine salute you!

Tell us about your senior below. Submissions will be accepted from Aug. 21 through Nov. 21. Individual seniors will be selected by our staff and featured on-air and online once a week starting Sept. 4.

If your senior is chosen, he or she will be invited to New Jersey 101.5 for an upcoming commercial and invited to a luncheon at the the station.

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