Tuesday night NJ 101.5's Eric Scott hosted "An Evening With Senate President Steve Sweeney". Let me quickly explain why this happened. Our new Governor Phil Murphy seems to be avoiding the tradition the radio station has had for years of hosting the sitting governor for an hour call-in show with listeners once a month. He's not really interested in an open dialogue with the constituents he has promised to over tax some more over the next few years. Why should he? He got in. He plans on implementing his cock-eyed plans to give everyone with a hand out more of our money. Why bog down that process with pesky complaints from the surfs who are funding his diabolical plot?

Enter Senate President Steve Sweeney, who is butt hurt over an outsider like Murphy swooping in with millions of dollars to buy off every powerful union and special interest group in the state and take the job Sweeney was poised to get after "Chubby" left office. Word on the street is that Murphy may have even help fund a failed effort by the NJEA to unseat Sweeney from his seat in Gloucester County. That proved to be just as difficult as yanking Chris Christie out of line at a Cinnabon at a rest stop on the Delaware Turnpike.

So Sweeney took the opportunity to take that time slot from the Governor and give it a shot. Well, the first caller hit him right between the eyes and kept punching until Eric Scott had to jump in and cut the caller off before it got too ugly. Sweeney tried to back peddle on all of the previous taxes and prevailing wage orders he put in place over the years, but it was apparent the callers weren't buying.

Then the usual calls came in from constituents demanding their fair share of the money the state has confiscated from me for years. I don't want anything from the State. I want them to get the f*** out of my way and get their f***ing hands out of my pocket. But that's not how it works in New Jersey. We pay a high premium so that you can get your share of the pile of money they take from hard working people every week. Well I don't want anything! Which proves I'm the ass**** for staying here.

I, like so many others, have come to the realization that we don't belong here. We belong in other states that don't rape you every week, but also don't give you much. That sounds great! That's why so many are planning their exit strategy before too many of us realize this ship is going to sink and the few productive of us left will be footing the bill. It's been in the back of our minds for years. Now that many of our parents are gone and our offspring have had to flee to greener pastures, there's not that much of that emotional bond keeping us here for the long haul anymore.

It's a shame. It's a great state with great people and great resources. But the locusts like Murphy and Sweeney have made it near impossible to stay, unless you're one of them: The uber wealthy and the government connected. So, thank you to Steve Sweeney for making it clear. Many of us have to have an exit strategy if we don't have a hefty government pension or millions of dollars to buy a seat in Congress or the State House as Governor. I had hopes that Sweeney would stand up to the new "locust", Murphy. But swarming, ravenous, destructive insects of the same kind do stick together, at least when it comes to devouring our tax money and our future. Thanks Steve! Come back again and convince more people how utterly stupid it is to stay here unless they're one of you guys!

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