🔵Students were sent home early to prioritize student and staff mental health

🔵Police presence will be increased at Lindenwold Middle School into next week

🔵Students who video fights are also subject to punishment

LINDENWOLD — Students at a middle school were dismissed early Wednesday after a fight.

Superintendent Kristin O’Neil said students at Lindenwold Middle School were sent home at noon because of a “student altercation of a serious nature,” witnessed by many students and staff.

The decision was made to “prioritize our students and staff mental health” and prepare for the resumption of class on Thursday, according to O'Neil.

Students involved in the incident are subject to the school’s code of conduct and legal action “as appropriate” is being pursued.

O’Neil did not disclose details about the incident or how many students were involved. Police presence will be increased into next week. Counseling will also be available.

The superintendent reminded parents in her message about fights including that one student touching another is legally considered assault.

Lindenwold Middle School's mascot
Lindenwold Middle School's mascot (Lindenwold School District)

Recording a fight is just as bad

Students who take video of a fight or block a hallway will be considered participants and also subject to punishment, officials said.

"Please communicate with your children about the dangers and the seriousness of observing an altercation and making the choice to not get help but rather to stand there, watch, and record," O'Neil said in a statement.

"It is essential students know that sharing such videos is equally as damaging to individuals – socially and emotionally as well as a violation of their privacy. The school district takes this matter very seriously."

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