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Bill Spadea started something special this year to honor our police officers that go above and beyond the call of duty from around New Jersey, called #BlueFriday.

This Friday (July 28), while Bill was on vacation we decided to do something special to honor police officers, EMS and firefighters. We called out to our listeners to hear their special stories about police, firefighters or EMS that they wanted to thank or highlight for their extra efforts.

Even if they didn't have a special story, we welcomed listeners to call in and just thank all NJ police, fire and EMS for all that they do. With all the tragic stories of police officers being shot in Dallas and Louisiana, just to name a few, our local heroes could use some uplifting stories to help them through their day.

Our listeners didn't disappoint as we had callers from all over the state wanting to tell their stories. The stories ranged from an officer staying with an accident victim, to a police officer delivering a baby and even one woman whose son-in-law made the news today for helping to save a man's life after a horrific accident.

Listen to all the heartfelt calls in the YouTube clip below.

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