❗ A South Jersey man is collared for a shocking crime operation
❗ He money laundered millions in stolen checks by himself
❗ He was also busted with more than a thousand stolen documents

A New Jersey man is facing multiple serious charges for allegedly money laundering more than $9 million.

Isaiah Edwards-Stewart, of Hamilton in Atlantic County, was arrested on June 8 following an investigation that began in 2022 when he was discovered to be involved in a large-scale financial fraud operation that included depositing stolen checks into different bank accounts, officials said.

The funds from the stolen checks would be transferred to Edwards-Stewart’s personal accounts, officials said.

A one-man crime spree

He was found to be in possession of more than 1,988 stolen checks amounting to an estimated total of $9.76 million as well as over 1,000 items of personal identifying information, government documents belonging to others, as well as the software and templates to create fraudulent checks.

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The defendant is charged first-degree money laundering, second-degree trafficking in personal identifying information, second-degree theft, second-degree identity theft, second-degree computer crimes, third-degree forgery, third-degree possession of false government documents, and fourth-degree criminal simulation.

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