If you’ve been holding your breath for red light cameras at 85 New Jersey intersections to go away…well, you might just be able to exhale a little bit…but not all the way.

According to Townsquare’s Kevin McArdle,

Today, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon unveiled bipartisan legislation that would reform the state’s red-light camera pilot program.

The proposed bill increases the yellow light timing by one second at all intersections that are equipped with the red light camera systems, eliminating any ambiguity in the timing that has become so controversial.

It also lowers the current fine by these electronic devices for making a right turn on red to from $85 (which was the same as running the red completely) to $20.

Lastly, it mandates a half-second grace period once the light is red – well before the opposing light has turned green – before a motorist can be ticketed, to ensure they have had ample time to move through the intersections.

“If you’re getting a ticket once this legislation is enacted you’ve actually gone through a genuine red light and caused a hazard,” explains O’Scanlon. “I don’t care whether you hate these cameras or believe in them, you should be on board with this legislation, it can only improve safety and guarantee that we are treating
motorists fairly.”

Interesting, considering that cosponsor State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) still is of the belief that the cameras are there merely as revenue generators.

According to this:
Scutari is quoted as saying:

"Red-light cameras are essentially rigged to operate as revenue raisers for municipalities. I have long opposed their use by local governments and advocated ending the program altogether," said Scutari. "Until we are able to accomplish that, we should at least ensure the technology is operating in a way that does not all but guarantee a ticket for motorists attempting to comply with the law."

Now, what do you read into that?

Here’s what I read: “Let’s kick the can down the road and maybe sometime in the not too distant future we can deal with it. Until then, let not kill the drivers, but still let the towns get their bounty!

Just sayin’