Jersey went through this before.

We tried red light cameras and we rejected them after the miserable failure they were. Tickets in the mail were found to be a cash grab for municipalities and in many cases actually increased rear-end collisions, merely trading one type of accident for another. The system was found to have been wrought with problems, from mistimed lights to improper certifications to townships making up their own rules on just how many seconds you had to remained completely still before proceeding on a right turn on red. Our own Eric Scott was ticketed by a red light camera having done nothing wrong. He was turning right on red, came to a full stop, and didn't move for 2.7 seconds. Traffic was clear. And he was ticketed and eventually told by the township their rule was 3.0 seconds, a ridiculously unfair and arbitrary perspective on the law.

Now a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study is finding the number of people killed because of running red lights is at a ten year high. Nationwide, 939 fatalities in 2017 which is the last year numbers were available.

"This is at least two people killed every day at the hands of drivers blowing through red lights," Jake Nelson, director of traffic safety advocacy and research for AAA told USA Today.

One thing he advocated for is red light cameras. Really? Have you not read about the massive corruption involved in the program? Also, what's truly causing the rise in deaths? The explosion of distracted driving must be considered, and logic has it that if a driver isn't even seeing the red light, he isn't going to stop for it just because of a red light camera. Also, over the arc of this study miles driven nationwide rose by 5%. Obviously you will experience higher numbers of all kinds of accidents when you have people driving more miles.

I don't think there's any chance of us going back to the days of red light cameras here in New Jersey, but with AAA recommending them I feel sorry for other states.

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