We're all well aware that New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country. We are also painfully aware that very few if any legislators have the balls or the will to make any meaningful change. Why? They are all afraid of the NJEA.

Most of your property taxes go to pay for schools, about 65 to 75% of your tax bill. So rather than fight that giant, powerful union, they come up with stupid ideas that nibble at the edges. However the latest hair-brain idea comes from ASSemblyman Joe Lagana of D-Bergen.

He proposes that if you're over 60 and lived in your house for at least 15 years, you could reduce your property taxes by $1,000 if you do volunteer work in your town. WTF!!!! Is this guy kidding?! You're gonna have seniors mow the lawn at the firehouse, or clean the toilets at the school or the courthouse so they can save a couple dollars on their property tax bill? What is this guy smoking? I didn't think weed was legal yet.

Not only do you allow this punitive, unfair, excessive, ridiculous tax burden to continue as it drives our citizens away in droves, you insult us with this stupid ass gimmick? It's like grandpa getting both knees busted with a baseball bat by the mob and then the authorities come along and kick him in the face. Why people aren't more outraged by this should puzzle me, but I've figured it out.

People here have realized it's not gonna change and they've planned an exit strategy. And the younger people have already plotted a course for greener pastures in states that don't rape their citizens. The ones that do stay contentedly are part of the public establishment that will put in their 20, 25 or 30 years and then take their pension elsewhere. Somewhere where the government can't get away with this s---.

The next four years should be interesting, because once Phil Murphy comes to town the flood gates will be wide open for these dumb ass ideas to flourish. You should be angry. I should be angry. But just like your parents used to say to you when you did something wrong. I'm not angry...I'm just disappointed.

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