Of course they do. In the highest-taxed and most-regulated state in the union, NJ lawmakers are taking advantage of the holiday season, while you're good and distracted, to make sure that all their special interest friends are taken care of with YOUR money.

In the latest move to work around the voters, Planned Parenthood will likely be getting more than $10 million of your money. Now regardless of where you stand on the abortion issue, this is about money. Planned Parenthood refused to follow the federal guidelines and therefore will not be getting additional federal tax dollars. No worries, the agenda-driven ideologues in Trenton will solve that. All happening while you're defrosting the turkey for Thanksgiving.

Marie Tasy from NJ Right to Life joined me to discuss this egregious action on Monday's show.

The whole idea of a 'lame duck' session of ousted lawmakers making new laws and spending more money should be outlawed. Other states have their legislatures in session for only part of the year. Even in New York, they have to figure it with a session that goes January to June.

It's time to make our politicians truly part-timers and limit their time in Trenton. I think January to May would suffice. Why would they need more time? Certainly not to help you. It's only to continue to sped more money lining the pockets of special interest groups, lawyers and connected insiders. It's gotta stop.

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