🔵 NJ cop accused of stealing at self-checkouts

🔵 Man arrested after at least 7 incidents

🔵 Goods stolen worth more than combined $500

A Middletown Township police officer has been accused of ripping off more than $500 in merchandise during self-checkout at discount department stores, Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond Santiago announced on Thursday.

Brenden B. Santiago, of Tinton Falls, was charged on Tuesday with third-degree shoplifting and fourth-degree attempted shoplifting.

He also was suspended without pay, pending resolution of the case, according to Middletown police.

Middletown Police via Facebook
(Middletown Police via Facebook)

Police said that at least six different times last month, the 36-year-old Santiago “skip-scanned” items at a store — scanning and paying for some cheaper items while stealing pricier items.

One of those times, Santiago was still wearing his Middletown Police Department uniform, according to prosecutors.

On Jan. 9,, Santiago was seen by a store worker “skip-scanning” items, according to the prosecutor’s office — his receipt was checked before he could leave, and he did not make off with more unpaid items.

“The criminal conduct alleged in the complaints filed against Patrolman Santiago are deeply troubling and do not reflect the values of our agency,” Middletown Police Chief R. Craig Weber said in a written statement.

He continued “We firmly believe that trust and integrity are the essential cornerstones of policing and we hold our employees to the highest professional and ethical standards. “

Anyone with potential information on the case was asked to contact Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Brian Hammarstrom at 800-533-7443.

Self checkout theft (Canva)
Self checkout theft (Canva)

Ocean County cop busted for self checkout shoplifting, more than once

In July 2023, a detective with the Point Pleasant Borough Police Department got in trouble for shoplifting over $200 in groceries from an Ocean County Walmart.

Additional charges were later added, stemming from two separate incidents of alleged self-checkout theft.

By October, Joshua Gunnell had resigned from the force, paid at least partial restitution and the charges were dropped.

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