People need to be reminded to lock both their cars and their homes and there is a nationwide campaign to do just that. According to News 12 New Jersey, police departments around New Jersey are joining in the nationwide push to get people to lock their doors by 9:00 pm every night, even going so far to suggest that you set an alarm on your phone to remind you every night. Apparently, many people aren’t bright enough to figure out what those locks on their doors are for.

As far as cars are concerned, I think anybody who leaves their car unlocked is at least half to blame if it gets stolen. News 12 reports that there was a crime spree in Denville with multiple cars having thing stolen from them and that all the cars were unlocked. Another car was stolen during the spree and not only was it unlocked, the keys were in it. With the advances in technology that allow you to lock your car with the press of a button, or, in newer cars with just touching the handle, I don’t understand why people would knowingly leave their cars unlocked.

While locking your house takes a little more effort, it’s still not tricky. Move the deadbolt or twist the knob as part of your “time to go to bed” routine and your good to go. The effort to convince people to do that is #9PMRoutine.

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