Leaders of the Assembly Republican caucus held a Statehouse press conference Monday to call on Democrats to take action on various reform bills stalled in the legislature. A spokesman for the Assembly Democrats said Republicans are standing in the way of important legislation that is already advancing.

NJ Legislature
New Jersey Legislature (Tim Larsen, Governor's Office)

“We believe that the Democrats are so focused on 2017 that you see inaction in Trenton and I’m calling on the Democrats to continue with the bi-partisan reform agenda,” said Assembly GOP Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield). “Let’s get back to work.”

Public employees’ pension and health benefits reform, ending huge end-of-career payouts to public workers for their unused sick days, bail reform and a bill to cap raises awarded to police and firefighters at 2 percent are just some of the reform items Bramnick mentioned.

“Democrats are moving forward on major legislation on gun safety, college affordability, job creation, economic development and fiscal responsibility, and the Republican opposition to those issues shows how out-of-touch they truly are with New Jersey’s middle-class,” said Tom Hester, a spokesman for the Assembly Democrats. “It seems they’re more concerned with protecting the governor’s popularity and standing than with helping the middle-class and finding out the truth of what happened with this abuse of power and threat to public safety.”

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