Governor Murphy, talking about the new state budget wants to know "who's side are you on?" Senate President Steve Sweeney is apparently on the other side, saying Murphy, “is starting to resemble Donald Trump in bombast, inconsistency and unreliability.”

“The governor is repeating himself with a series of misguided and misinformed tantrums in an attempt to distract attention from his legislative and policy failures," Sweeney said. "His statements have been inconsistent on the facts, but they have become consistently wrong. I want to be clear in stating that when it comes to recognizing which side I am on, I am on the side of the taxpayers of New Jersey and our hard working middle class families who want public officials to actually take their side, not just repeat empty rhetoric.”

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick came on my show two weeks ago and told me:

"Four billion dollars in more spending over the last two years, 34 billion goes to almost 38 billion, and it's an 11 percent increase. I don't know who's getting an increase of 11 percent in their wages, but I can tell ya the state of New Jersey is spending more money."

Speaking on the rift between Murphy and Sweeney, Bramnick reasoned:

"Well Steve [Sweeney] is, let's put it this way, is trying to be relatively reasonable, with respect to this governor...but he's extremely progressive. He's way to the left."

As for the millionaires tax that Murphy wants so badly...will we ever see it?

"Well it's dead on arrival this year because there's a state election," Bramnick said. "Now, never count out Trenton from voting for another tax increase."

Things are so bad in Trenton that Bramnick actually had to propose legislation that they powers that be, Murphy, Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, actually get together and talk every quarter. We need it more than ever. Maybe they could've gotten together for a cold one over the 4th? I'm thinking not.

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