Well, I’m happy to know I’m not the only one in the Garden State constantly bingeing true crime content. Shout out to "Last Podcast on the Left" for fueling my nightmares for the past decade.

According to a recent study put out by Secure Data Recovery, New Jersey is in the top ten states to experience anxiety due to consuming true crime content.

A lot of it can be probably be blamed on the town of Westfield.

nervous stressed anxious woman with glasses

For instance, it's the home of the infamous “Watcher” house, where a couple, Derek and Maria Broaddus, was sent mysterious letters from someone who claimed to be stalking the home’s residents in 2014.

Creepy Letters Family Sues

Then there’s the John List murders, the horrifying story of the man who murdered his wife, mother, and children before fleeing the scene.

(AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

And of course, if we’re going way back there was the kidnapping and murder of the Lindberg baby, Charles Lindberg Jr.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr

That’s all in Westfield alone, so it’s no wonder that we in New Jersey would be hyper-aware of true crimes.

According to Secure Data Recover's methodology:

We asked respondents [across America] if they had experienced anxiety due to true crime, but we also asked a variety of questions to gauge the extent of that anxiety.

Some of the questions asked were:
🔴 Have you started carrying self-defense tools after consuming true crime content?
🔴 Have you become more suspicious of other people due to true crime content?
🔴 Have you ever taken a break or fully stopped consuming true crime content?

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After compiling the data they came to the conclusion that the most anxious state in the U.S. is Louisiana. Filling out the rest of the top ten:

2️⃣ Mississippi
3️⃣ Texas
4️⃣ Nevada
5️⃣ Kansas
6️⃣ Washington
7️⃣ Maryland
8️⃣ Idaho
9️⃣ New Jersey
🔟 Alabama

Moore Media
Moore Media

The main takeaways from the survey were:

😱 New Jersey ranks #9 for the state with the most true crime anxiety
😱 NJ residents spend an average of five hours a week consuming true crime content.
😱 60% of residents have had to take a break from true crime content due to the increase in anxiety.
😱 32% of residents added home security systems due to consuming true crime content.
😱 46% of residents have shared their location with friends and family as a safety precaution.
😱 70% of New Jerseyans have become more aware of their surroundings.

If you're one of the many in NJ who are interested in true crime, take a look at some of what the locations look like now:

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