We’re always talking about how many people move out of the state of New Jersey. That leads us to believe the people are less than satisfied with life here in New Jersey. But are they also less than satisfied with their jobs?

A new study just shed light on which states in the ' USA have the most and least job-quitting action, and the findings are interesting

Alaska is leading the pack in the quitting game. Somehow that’s not surprising since many cities seem to show that life in Alaska is tough in many aspects. They hold the title for the most resignations.


On the flip side, Massachusetts seems to be holding onto its workforce like a champ, having the least amount of resignations, according to this study

The people behind this study are the HR Tech gurus at SelectSoftware Reviews. They ranked each state based on the average job resignation rate — the number of quits per month, as a percentage of the employment numbers.

They also looked at the average number of resignations each month. All this data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, covering the latest four months' worth (July 2023 to October 2023).


Here are the facts: Massachusetts takes the top spot for the state with the lowest job resignation rate, with a rate of 1.38 - over 1.5 times under the national average resignation rate of 2.30.

51,000 quit their jobs each month in Massachusetts during the four-month period from July 2023 to October 2023,

In second place is New York, with a rate of 1.45. The study found that on average, 142,500 workers from The Empire State left their jobs each month. That quit rate is over 1.5 times the national average.

California was third with a resignation rate of 1.68, which is 1.5 times below the national average. (Each month, 307,250 Californians quit their jobs.)


In fourth position is Connecticut. The Constitution State has an average resignation rate of 1.73. This puts the state at 1.3 times under the national average resignation rate, with 29,000 Connecticut citizens resigning from their jobs every month.

We here in New Jersey tie with Pennsylvania, with an average rate of 1.93… Only 82,500 workers have been leaving their jobs here every month, and in PA 117,750 workers have left their employment per month.

That makes us 5th lowest in the nation for job quitters. So New Jerseyans ARE satisfied with something!

So, if you're wondering where people are waving goodbye to their nine-to-fives the most, Alaska's the place. But if you're seeking stability, Massachusetts might be calling your name.
But according to the numbers it seems like New Jerseyans are pretty happy with their jobs.

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