Even though the horror of the shooting in Las Vegas is almost the length of the continent away, the sadness and horror was palpable here all day. Indeed around the world.

People struggled for words to say. We all can recall the last five mass shootings and where they occurred. Most of us feel helpless or vulnerable or scared or mad as hell. Turning on each other to debate the causes or solutions or reactions only serves to divide us even further in this time of great division.

I don't remember a time in my childhood or adulthood where we faced such unspeakable horrors on what seems to be a regular basis. We've never been so affluent, comfortable, and well connected, but never so more at odds with so many of our fellow Americans. We've already seen ugly and insensitive comments on the internet where even the most basic reactions of humanity are lost to partisan derisive comments.

A CBS legal executive has been fired for post this on her Facebook page. “I’m actually not even sympathetic [because] country music fans often are Republican gun-toters." You'd think that someone capable enough to attain a law degree would be smart enough not to post that. I'm sure she wasn't alone in the numbers of people who thought it but wouldn't say it out loud. Over the next few days and weeks the gun control debate will rage again and those on both sides will dig in their heels even deeper this time around.

The finger pointing and name calling will again reach a fever pitch.

There was a time when national tragedies like this would serve to bring the country closer together. The profound sadness of the largest mass murder in US history will only be overshadowed by the ugliness of our refusal to listen to each other but continue to look to take opposite sides.

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