While we are still in a real estate boom here in New Jersey, many things point to the market cooling down soon. So if you’re trying to sell a house and you haven’t gotten the offers you’d like to see yet, you may be too early.

An article from listwithclever.com references Zillow research to make this claim. Their annual research shows that real estate trends in New Jersey reflect those of the New York market since, as much as we hate to admit it, we ARE in New York’s shadow. Therefore, we tend to experience their trickle-down effect.

The theory is that when homeowners there wait until the second two weekends in May to sell their homes, they net an average of $3100 more than at other times. Pretty specific, but since it happens in New York, it tends to happen here too. This year, those weekends dates fall on May 23-24 and May 30-31. So if you’ve been hosting open houses, posting your home on every website, and still only getting bottom feeders, never fear. Your salvation may be only seven months away.

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