These things are getting rather common, but there was another noteworthy New Jersey promposal in Pine Hill, Camden County. This one involved one of the biggest singing acts of the 90s, Boyz II Men!

The young man in question, Jalen Doggett, had a connection to the group in that his father is related to one of the members and is the group’s personal barber and often travels with the singers, according to ABC 6 Philadelphia.

Doggett’s father asked the record breaking Philadelphia group to record a promposal for his son, and they agreed. They did the video right before they went on stage asking Anjeliah Chido to go to the prom with Doggett who had chickened out of asking her in person.

The video was played on Overbrook High School’s in-house TV broadcast during first period. In case you were wondering, she said yes.

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