It used to be that sleeping in a separate bed or different room than your partner meant trouble in the relationship. Maybe a spat or an ongoing feud and one in the relationship would be banished to the couch or another bed.

But with an increase in sleeping disorders due to modern life, it turns out that plenty of people sleep in separate beds for a better night's sleep.

According to a state-by-state study, new data reveals the states struggling to sleep the most next to their partners. New Jersey is in the top ten.

Maybe it means we have more snorers or we're just smarter and more practical about getting a good night's sleep. The study analyzed over 400k searches around sleep disorders and sleeping next to someone to determine where one finds it the toughest.

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The study was conducted by the website Eachnight.

The research analyzed nationwide and regional Google search volume for key phrases such as ‘how to stop snoring’ and ‘couples sleep issues’ over the last 12 months in the US, to identify the states that are having the most trouble.

New Jersey ranked eighth in the survey. The state with the most issues was New York, followed by Massachusetts.

On the other end of the scale, Montana couples have the best night’s sleep of all states when next to their partners, with people there searching almost a third less (30% decrease) than the average American at 348 searches per 100k.


While it’s not always possible, it is recommended adults have between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. It turns out that being in a relationship in New Jersey may be preventing this from being possible.

Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in both physical health and emotional well-being, with evidence suggesting poor sleeping habits can have negative consequences.

So we can look at it as New Jersey has a pretty good record in understanding the importance of a healthy night's sleep in managing to keep a healthy relationship.

The top ten states struggling to sleep next to their partner.

State with searches per 100k

😴 New York - 563.0

😴 Massachusetts - 552.9

😴 Maryland - 541.9

😴 California - 541.5

😴 Virginia - 537.9

😴 Nevada - 531.3

😴 Connecticut - 527.4

😴 New Jersey - 517.3

😴 Oregon - 514.2

😴 Washington - 513.9

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