As you may have heard, our wonderful governor has already put in place a plan to ban the sale of gas-powered cars in New Jersey by 2035.

Back in November, Murphy signed off on a plan that would require all new cars sold in New Jersey to be only EVs by the middle of the next decade. The infrastructure is not in place now, nor would be by then according to industry experts. 

Even a top Democrat, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Paul Sarlo, says it's not practical and not happening. That doesn't stop crazy Uncle Phil from pushing this lunacy down our throats long after he's gone into some national political position. God help us.

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Giant U.S. automakers like Ford and General Motors are scaling back their production plans for EVs. They can be twice as expensive to repair, and people are catching on to the reality of their inconvenience.

During the recent cold snap in the Midwest, a super-charging station in Oak Brook Illinois has become an EV junkyard with inoperable EVs unable to charge due to the cold temperatures. Imagine trying to get to work and not having your expensive EV available to you for days, even weeks.

The latest blow to the hopes of those fans to push EVs on the American public is the fact that Hertz Rental Car Company is dumping its EVs, losing millions of dollars in the process of this grand experiment pushed by the federal government.


Rental car companies have been pushing them on customers lately to try and justify their incredibly expensive investment.

A friend of mine flew to Miami and reserved a rental car to drive to Key West, a drive of about 165 miles. The rental car company asked if he and his wife would like to try an EV for a reduced rate.

He said, "OK, why not". The car only had 71 miles of charge left when he got the car. The only EV charging station before they hit the long island-hopping ride through the keys was in a sketchy area just off Highway A1A.

When he pulled in, another car pulled across from him and stared at the couple before they got out to charge the vehicle. After a long standoff of waiting to see what the other guys was up to, he went to his trunk and took out his packed handgun.

He sat for 35 minutes while the vehicle charged with the loaded .45 on his lap while he waited. Not a comfortable time on the way to vacation in the Florida Keys.

There are tons of stories of trips interrupted, batteries not functioning properly in colder weather, etc.

Electric vehicles have their place. Many people who own them, love them. But their time for mass ownership is not now nor ever should they be made mandatory by any state or federal government authority in our country.

But that won't stop benevolent tyrants like Phil Murphy from trying.

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