Imagine you and your family have a baby caterpillar. He's adorable, squiggling around, maybe you give a name.

Brett, let's say.

You raise Brett through his time as a caterpillar and watch as he slowly but surely surrounds himself with his cocoon. You and your family are so excited because this means Brett is moving on to his final stage as a beautiful butterfly.

Some time later

The moment is here. You've waited all month for this. Brett is about to emerge from his chrysalis as a butterfly and fly away. Sure, this may mean you'll never see him again as he soars away, but wasn't it all worth it just to see the miracle of life?

You gather outside. Here he comes, you see the wings spread out, Brett makes one triumphant flap in the air... and... your dog swallows him whole.

*Post continues below video*

That was the reality for a Fair Haven family this month. According to, the Lore family spent a month nurturing the insect only to have the family dog immediately devour it right in front of them.

I have to give it to the kids in the video, they seem to take it with good humor, at least for the 15 seconds of the incident that was captured on Instagram. Check out the video above for a good laugh. And next time you see a butterfly, think of poor little Brett.

Now he's up in the big cocoon in the sky. R.I.P.

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