The average cost for childbirth and childcare in the United States is a staggering $17,433 in the first year alone, according to moving industry researching firm Move.Org,

In fact, the United States is the most expensive country in which to birth, media relations specialist Cosette Jarrett said.

New Jersey is the sixth most expensive state for brand new moms, with an average cost of $22,115 for delivery and infant daycare for the first year, according to a study by that looked at the average cost of medical delivery and infant childcare in each state.


Jarrett said the average cost for childbirth and medical expenses in New Jersey was $10,581, and the infant daycare cost was $11,810. These costs are before insurance, said Jarrett.

The most expensive state to be a new mom in is Washington D.C., with an average cost of $29,355 for the first year. Massachusetts was second, followed by New York, Connecticut and Alaska.

Jarrett said since it's harder to get doctors in Alaska and there are fewer patients, the cost jacks higher.

Pennsylvania  ranked 18th on the list. $18,582 is the average cost to have a baby for the first year.

The cheapest state for a woman to have her first baby in is Mississippi. That cost is just $11,364 for the first year alone. Alabama is the second-cheapest, followed by Louisiana, Arkansas and South Dakota.

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