As we continue to try to find money in New Jersey, the one white elephant in the room continues to be marijuana legalization.

Dr. David Nathan who sits on the committee of New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform and Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, was a guest on my show and took calls last week. He and I see eye-to-eye on this one.

“The biggest supporters of marijuana prohibition are drug dealers,” Nathan said.. “The harder the government cracks down on marijuana sales and use, the smaller the supply and the price goes up.”


“Basically the biggest accomplishment prohibition has had in the past 80-something years is to be a price support mechanism for marijuana, and that's why you see in states that legalize it, the price actually comes down even with the taxes added.”

Nathan believes that legalization would empower the government to ensure safe production, testing, labeling, distribution and sale of cannabis. Only legalization will ensure someone is checking ID when marijuana is sold.

What about decriminalizing weed?

“Both New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform and Doctors for Cannabis regulation see decriminalization as a step in the right direction, but it's legalization that we want.”


Basically, says Nathan, “It keeps the whole supply chain of marijuana illegal,” which means we can't tax it.

Speaking of taxes, the state of Colorado took in over 996 million dollars in 2015.

Governor Christie should put that in his tank and tax it!

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