When temperatures begin to go down at this time of the year, some of us will start to scratch and itch.

Jeanine Downie, a Montclair-based dermatologist, says people need to watch out for "winter skin," which happens because there is less moisture in the air during winter months.

Downie said that when the weather's warmer, there is more ambient humidity.

"What humidity does is it brings moisture from the air to your skin. When there's no ambient humidity, we substitute."

Downie tells her patients to use fragrance-free lotions and creams on their face and body. Fragrance-free because the scents and fragrances can sometimes irritate skin.

For people with serious drying, she recommends using an air humidifier, which will help add moisture to skin, hair and nails.

She also recommends people drink more water. She said drinking a cup of coffee in the winter should be followed by two cups of water.

Downie also advises taking showers with water that is not to hot and apply the lotions afterwards.

"I tell people when they get out of the shower, they should put on some type of a baby oil all over the skin while it's still wet, and then towel dry and then put on either a lotion or cream."

She says it's not just a matter of moisturizing during the winter months: You still need sunblock.

"And then the lips. People forget their lips," she said.

She said there are plenty of ointments and balms that can be used to protect lips.

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