As Russia has invaded Ukraine and Bidenflation runs rampant, the apparently much more pressing problem of an angry bride and groom is making news this week. ran a story about Andy and Desiree Hanson and a perceived slight that occurred behind the scenes at their wedding reception.

They say they were incredibly happy with the celebration held at Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant last summer. Until a few days later when their wedding cake showed up in a TikTok video.

The story has it that in the since-removed video one of the caterer workers takes a bite out of their cake. Their…leftover…cake.

A manager at Clarks Landing says the policy of the venue is to save the top layer of the wedding cake for the bridal party. Many couples put that top piece in a freezer then have it on their one-year anniversary. If there’s any other leftover cake that gets thrown out unless a couple specifically asks for all of it and not just the top piece.

So a worker apparently took a playful bite out of one piece of the leftover cake that was going to be thrown out anyway. The video of the biting bandit was captioned with the words “This is what happens to your leftover wedding cake.”

At the couple’s request, TikTok removed the video but not until after it went viral and was viewed 800,000 times. That may have been the end of it and we never would have heard of CakeGate.

But in January the venue worker who was the original poster reposted it and this time it received 3,000,000 views.

The couple was dismayed. They want an apology.

Talk about first-world problems. You had a beautiful wedding and rave about it but because someone took an innocent bite of cake that was on its way to a trashcan you, what? Feel violated? Feel hoodwinked? Feel your wedding is now somehow marred? What exactly? How is this a problem? How is this even getting media coverage?

How about just thanking God you had a beautiful wedding and that you’re able to be with the love of your life encumbered? Why not laugh at the silly cake bite? There are problems in life and love you won’t even see coming that will knock you down like a freight train. If you can’t handle a bite of leftover cake you’d really better buckle up.

Trust me.

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