Councilman Chris Nelson joined me this morning to discuss the need to get sand in front of the sea walls in Mantoloking to protect the town from homes one again being destroyed by potential severe storms.

Councilman Nelson said "The bottom line is we've had several storms since Sandy that have come up to the wall and in some cases, over the wall. We need to get a beach in front of us. our homeowners in Mantoloking, we have 128 beachfront lots, all but a few of them have signed the easements. "

The majority of the homeowners are not opposed to beach replenishment, but the home owners in most cases, don't like this specific plan that NJ's government have laid out, specifically those easements and control over their property.

As far as the state rejecting a compromise from the homeowners, the councilman said that getting something done and getting protection in front of the homes is the crucial part. "We can't go through another one. We dodged a bullet with Joaquin. This past weekend was a disaster. I mean, our entire sea wall was exposed from 8-12 foot drops. That's not gonna work."

Listen to my full interview with Councilman Chris Nelson below.

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